Step-The Official Website

5 Second Ambition
An exellent zine covering the northern nevada hardcore scene. The Co-Editor is none other than Jaime Van Lanen

Earth Crisis
The Leaders of the Vegan Straightedge movement

One of Southern Californias most stand out hardcore bands

One of the hardest bands in hardcore today, straight out of Erie, PA

25 Ta Life
Positive New York Hardcore. One of the most popular and unique bands out of NYC

The Nerve Agents
Old school style hardcore, fans of Youth Of Today, In My Eyes, Bold, and Hands Tied take note

Outside Looking In Webzine
Excellent web zine that has sections on hundreds of hardcore bands, including Step, check out, photos, shows, reviews, or post messages, its all here

7 Seconds
The legendary Straightedge hardcore band from Reno NV

Fierce Hardcore mixed with Fast Black Metal. This band is in a category of their own.

Another Victim
Straightedge vegan hardcore from Saracuse, NY

This CT hardcore band are one of the most hardest bands on Victory Records

Sworn Vengeance
Fierce straightedge hardcore from Sacramento

E-Town Concrete
East Coast rapcore. Hard hitting east coast hardcore mixed with hip hop. Check them out

Over My Dead Body
Old school Straightedge hardcore from San Diego, CA

Hard hitting Sacramento Hardcore

California Hardcore
Your source for hardcore, California style

Embrace The End
Straightedge hardcore from Placerville, CA

VA Hardcore, fans of Hatebreed take note

Very heavy hardcore, straight out of Reno

Very heavy straightedge hardcore from Southern California

HxC Comodore
An excellent site that revolves around hardcore

Mean and heavy hardcore from Philly

Old School East Coast Hardcore from the streets of Pennsylvania

Hardcore Correct
This great hardcore site features an online hardcore radio. Check it out

Heavy christian hardcore from Carson City

Cold As Life
Brutal tuff guy hardcore

No Innocent Victim
Victory records band from San Diego

One Life Crew
Very outspoken and humorous Cleveland Straight Edge Hardcore. The only band to get kicked off Victory Records.

Reno Hardcore
The Official site of the Reno Hardcore Scene

Fall Silent
Revelation Records band from Reno, NV

One of the oldest hardcore bands around, old school New York hardcore straight from the Bronx

Sho Gun
Heavy Colorado hardcore

Resurrection Records
Reno's only underground record store

Reno hardcore band, they are not to be missed

Catalyst Records
The best Straight Edge label around, based out of Indiana. Home to some of the best sXe and Vegan sXe hardcore bands around

United Edge Records
an amazing Straight Edge record label with a small but impressive line up. Based out of Canada

Revelation Records
A Southern California based record label that is one of the leading hardcore lables today

Triple Crown Records
Hardcore label to home of bands such as 25 Ta Life, XDiscipleX, E-Town Concrete, and Comin Correct

Sadistic Records
A very good record label that if anything, is known for there excellent hardcore compilations they put out

Indecision Records
So. Cal record label that has such bands as Unbroken, Bane, Throwdown, Death By Stereo, Adamantium and Eyelid

Victory Records
This Chicago based record label is the biggest and most respected hardcore label around, running the show since 1989

Facedown Records
A christian hardcore label that has one brutal line up. Facedown is not to be missed

New Age Records
A very well respected label, they have been around a long time, the starting point for a lot of headline bands

Equal Vision Records
A New York based record label thats one of three leading hardcore labels

Stillborn Records
The lead singer of Hatebreeds own label, very good band line up.


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